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Why is conquering your fears important?

Fear prevents us from realizing our potential and getting what we really deserve. It forces us to keep the job we hate and put up with with being hurt by people who do not value us. To get rid of fear, you just need to say one word: "no". But sometimes it's not that easy to say no...

Conquer your fears and you will be able to:

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Change your life for the better

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Stay calm

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Defend your boundaries

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  • Lesson 1. Face to face: how to manage the fear of change

    A complete guide to fighting the fear that prevents us from changing our lives for the better - the fear of change. This fear feeds on our stress and negative reaction to new circumstances. Make the fear of change starve, and it will be much easier for you to defeat it!

  • Lesson 2. Internal energy: eliminating parasite thoughts

    Parasite thoughts suck out our physical and mental energy. In the lesson, you will learn three effective strategies for dealing with them and find out when is the best time to use each strategy.

  • Lesson 3. The circle of proximity

    The topic of the lesson is Marilyn Murray's circles of proximity, their use and interpretation. Additionally, you will get a list of 21 questions that you should answer at least once a week.

  • Lesson 4. Return to the "circle": self-love

    You are the most important person in your life. But building a relationship with yourself can be challenging. Discovering and learning to love yourself is a lot of work. You will learn how to do it properly in the lesson.

  • Lesson 5. Meditation and evaluation of your strengths

    Meditation is the key to coming to the real you. Moreover, proper meditation will help you to put your thoughts in order and find the best solution in a difficult situation. Use the most efficient meditation techniques to do this.

  • Lesson 6. Protecting personal boundaries

    The worse we defend personal boundaries, the more often they are violated. As a result, even people who treat us well begin to abuse our kindness. But as soon as you set your personal boundaries, it will be over!

  • Lesson 7. Secret energy sources

    Fears exhaust us. Fighting them also takes energy. Is there a way to replenish it? Absolutely! To do this, you will need to find out the secret sources of strength and adopt the right habits.

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How the learning process is organised:

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Conquer your fears!

Best practices and proven techniques for overcoming fears are brought together, tested and ready to be used right now.

This course contains concentrated knowledge on dealing with fears and exercises to develop skills to overcome them. You deserve to live a better life - and it only takes a little effort to achieve it.

Take the chance and fight your fears to become the master of your life!

This course is for those who want to:

Be unafraid to change their life for the better

Be able to defend their interests and get more

Stay calm in any situation

Find new sources of vital energy

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