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A dream job is a chance to work for your pleasure and earn a lot. In addition:

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Professional self-fulfilment

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New projects and quick career growth

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The opportunity for development among those who share your ideas

The course programme:

Курс карьерный старт студента

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  • Lesson 1. Where do I belong?

    Burning out, a sudden awareness that "it's not my kind of thing", going through a period of change are in the long list of reasons why we decide to change a profession. We will tell you about the necessary steps to be taken on this rocky way and how you can protect yourself against possible risks when you are passing this sharp turn on the route of your life.

  • Lesson 2. Personal brand

    Creating a personal brand allows you to highlight all your strengths making your curriculum vitae outstanding and able to grab employers' attention.

  • Lesson 3. CV speaks for itself

    We will teach you how to write a compelling curriculum vitae that will impress hiring managers

  • Lesson 4. Cover letter

    The cover letter you will draft in this lesson will immediately capture the attention of employers and never be left unanswered.

  • Lesson 5. Job interview: preparation

    All kinds of job interviews and their features: a live meeting, a phone call or a videoconference. We will teach you the right techniques of self-presentation and making a great first impression in any kind of interview.

  • Lesson 6. Job interview

    We will tell you about the questions employers usually ask at interviews as well as the things applicants should find out at the very first meeting. Also, we will show you some strategies to cope with awkward or tricky situations.

  • Lesson 7. Job interview: almost hired

    The final stage to prepare for a successful interview: taking a professional test and getting the feedback.

  • Lesson 8. So much awaited offer

    The first working day: lifehacks to fit in the team more easily, language to communicate with new colleagues and some important tips on dealing with the corporate culture.

  • Lesson 9. Employment in the future

    We will talk about the most sought-after jobs and trends in the labour market for the next 10 years.

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How the training is done:

You get access to a  convenient personal account;

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You receive additional materials for each lesson;

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A dream job is not a stroke of luck but an outcome of a carefully planned strategy!

Many are afraid of leaving their comfort job and start from scratch and how wrong they are! Changing jobs is an absolutely normal part of life.

On average, people change jobs every two years and each time their income tends to increase by 20%.

The best option would be to change jobs as a part of your personal strategy so that the change would contribute to career goals achievement. And here our course may be really helpful!

This course is for those who:

... aim to take a managerial position

...seek to work in a particular company

... want to boost their career growth

... would like to try another career path

The course author

Mila Semeshkina

the founder and CEO of Lectera, the international educational platform. Creator of Fast Education methodology. Labour market expert. The author of the bestseller Learn or Leave the Market: A Practical Guide for Developing Your Career and Your Business.

About Lectera:

Frequently asked Questions

  • What is Lectera?

    Lectera is an educational platform with online courses created according to the unique “Fast Education” methodology, which makes it possible to study, immediately acquire skills, practice them and apply them in practice, and quickly achieve the required results.

  • How long will I have access to the course materials?

    In the user's personal account, access to the purchased course and all additional materials will remain forever.

  • How is your course different from others?

    Unlike conventional lecture-format video courses, Lectera courses emphasise the formation and training of skills. Therefore, we base our training on the fact that you will receive only the essential information. That’s our bottom line, and you will solely be devoting your time to passing training exercises and tests, working with cases, and studying additional practical materials.




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