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So, why is emotional intelligence being talked about more and more today? Well, it is because:

it impacts our state of mind;
how we interpret our world and people;
how we transmit our emotions to them;
how and what goals we form;
how our successes or failures occur;
how we build our relationships;
and how EI shape our behaviour and habits.

If we are able to level up our emotional intelligence, it means we will be able to have greater control over our mood and our chances of success in life because it helps with:

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Personal relationships

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Career and hobbies

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Social life

The course programme:

Курс эмоциональный интеллект

The course includes:


hours of video






and twelve pieces of additional material

  • Lesson 1.Emotions: the beginning

    We will understand the basics of emotions and learn how to do exercises to develop mindfulness

  • Lesson 2.Emotions: Influence

    We will learn to find the sources of our mood, understand four emotional laws and how to say "STOP" to our negative attitudes.

  • Lesson 3. EI (Emotional Intelligence)

    We will tell you what it is, what it is based on, how to develop it and what social skills will help with this.

  • Lesson 4.Raising emotions

    Exercises for the development of emotional intelligence: from recording emotions in a special diary to working with them

  • Lesson 5.Live them!

    Suppressing emotions is not an option, give them free rein! We will teach you how to do exercises to release accumulated emotions and cleanse yourself for new achievements

  • Lesson 6.Career growth.

    We will teach you how to correctly and competently build relationships and set boundaries with colleagues. Having the ability to set boundaries is imperative because it is the basis for proactive and successful career advancement.

  • Lesson 7.Business Emotions.

    By having empathy and the ability not only to listen but also to understand others, you can achieve colossal success in business: we will teach you to put all you have previously learnt in practice.

  • Lesson 8.Emotions - the pathway to achieving your dreams.

    So, you’ve learnt to develop your emotional intelligence and listen to your emotions. You have built a harmonious relationship with yourself, and now it’s time to learn how to plan and start to achieve your goals!

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How the training is done:

You have a convenient personal account at your disposal.

You choose the time of classes yourself.

You are given free additional materials that supplement every lesson.

The course is available in three languages ​you can choose from.

Why EI (Emotional Intelligence) is essential.

«I want to!», «I'm afraid...», «Can I do it or not?» — It all starts with emotions. Emotions Intelligence is the foundation on which you build your future. If at some point it falters, eventually everything that you have created may be under threat.

Upgrade your emotional intelligence to understand yourself and the world around you, with all hidden desires and non-verbal signals.

Who is this course for:




And, of course, you!

The course speaker is

Alex Reinhardt

He is a businessman, a venture investor, a speaker at 6 international forums, and the founder of eighteen companies.

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